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Every Wipe.
Every Time.

Free SUDS Bucket
Confident Cleaning

Superior Sanitation

  • Effective – S.U.D.S.™ towels are engineered to maintain your Quat (quaternary sanitizer) or chlorine concentration and efficiently deliver it to the surface.

  • Efficient – S.U.D.S.™ towels are constructed to yield superior liquid absorption and debris pickup.

  • Easy to Implement – You can confidently switch to S.U.D.S.™ and keep your cleaning protocols in place.

Increases Safety and
Customer Satisfaction

  • Proven Results – 9 out of 10 stores surveyed report greater customer satisfaction.

  • Easy to Use – S.U.D.S.™ simple design and color-coded lids support zone cleaning and help prevent dangerous mistakes.

  • Safe and Secure – closed system reduces slip and fall hazards.

Lower Cost-Per-Use

  • Economical – S.U.D.S.™ requires less sanitizer than open bucket systems. Eliminates the need to constantly change your sanitizing solution.

  • Cost-Effective – Clean up to 660 tables with just 1 roll of wipes and 2 quarts of your Quat or chlorine solution.

Single Use Dispensing System